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Weight & Body Image

Too Much
Too Little
Anorexic woman

The size and shape of our bodies is one of the most emotive issues in the news, on Facebook, chatted about over coffee and cried over in front of the mirror.

How many people do you know who are unhappy, miserable, desperate even hate themselves because of their body?

If you are reading this, probably you too.

Reducing Weight

To start the process, we have to give up losing weight! 


When we lose something, we often spend a lot of time trying to find it again, and when we do, we then keep it a little safer than we did before we lost it.

Fat Thin women
Healthy eating

I'm quite sure I can't tell you anything you don't already know about healthy eating, drinking water, avoiding fat or sugary food and fizzy pop... Oh yes and wine!

There is a real sense of deprivation when the only things on offer are apples, kale and the gym


Who really wants to jiggle their fat in public, get hot, sweaty and red in the face?

Wouldn't it be nice to sit sown to watch the television with cup of tea and not have to bring, all your best friends too.  The comforting bar of chocolate, the friendly packet of biscuits, the happy bag of M&M's not to forget those awesome mates, the big bag of crisps.


What if you could completely lose your craving for chocolate?

That would make it easier wouldn't it?

Suppose you found you actually preferred lean breast of chicken with fresh, vibrantly coloured salad to KFC?

How about if you found yourself walking, swimming, cycling and having fun doing it?

How would it feel if you just changed what you liked to eat and were able to stop eating when you were full and never had to diet?

Hmmm, food for thought.....


Eating Disorders

Anorexia and Bulimia are cruel and soul destroying illnesses.

They leave their victims isolated, depressed and locked into a world their family and friends do not understand.  Physically depleting the body both externally and internally and destroying their self worth and confidence just for good measure.

Body Dysmorphia

Body Dysmorphic Disorder is and anxiety related to body image.

Causing obsessive worries about often very minor flaws in physical appearance, often resulting in compulsive behaviours to help with the anxieties as well as feeling of shame, guilt, loneliness and isolation.

There can be an obsessive fixation on cosmetic surgery, self harm and suicidal thoughts, worries about being judged,  which means sufferers can spend years trying to cope before seeking help.

Today fears and anxieties about how we look make shocking news stories, when celebrities opt for radical surgery, skin bleaching, fillers and implants sometimes leaving them unrecognisable.

Hypnotherapy can alleviate anxiety, help control compulsions, gently making small changes that in turn make big differences increasing your self esteem, self worth and confidence.

                                            This is a chance for you to balance your life.


The key to life is balance

I would like to stress here that if you are having hypnotherapy for depression, anxiety, PTSD, emotional trauma, or anything along those lines, you will experience a rise in negative thoughts and feelings between sessions, but it is vitally important that you DO attend your next session in order to deal with those thoughts and feelings.  It may also be possible to move your next session to an earlier time to help you.

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