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Sometimes we don't realise we are chained until we are set free....

Bird released free

Breaking Free


Addiction to anything is a hard bond to break and can leave a huge gap in your life that seems impossible to fill.

Life is hard when your addiction is slowly killing you and possibly the ones you love, but harder than that is giving up.

Swapping cigarettes for an e-cig seems a better option, but it doesn’t break the habit, it’s still smoking and only ever a breathe away from nicotine. Patches, gum, sprays are all supposed to help with the nicotine craving  supported by willpower….

But, what about returning to being a non-smoker?

Hands breaking the chains of cigarettes

Effects on the Body

Everyone is aware of the respiratory damage caused by smoking, it has a logical pathway, but if

you follow the breath in through the lungs, into the blood stream and round the body, you realise

it travels to every cell.  

Effect on the body of smoking

That is as well as the more obvious effects of the smell of your breath, hair, clothes, home and car.

Many smokers say they need cigarettes to calm them, ease their anxiety, relax them.  The truth is cigarettes are a stimulant so they are reinforcing your anxiety and stress as well as giving you a hefty dose of poisonous chemicals.


How Hypnosis Works


Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation this allows the conscious mind to drift as it does during sleep, thoughts come and go but are difficult to hold on to, a bit like catching bubbles that burst when you touch them.  However, it is not sleep and with the conscious mind powered down, the sub-conscious mind is approachable and open to suggestions about change.

Many people trying to give up  stay in that state of “if at first you don’t succeed, try again” and they do, over and over again.  In reality they don’t actually truly want to give up.

Take a moment, on a scale of 1-10 how much do you want to stop?   

(Be honest)

Hypnotherapy can change your thinking from trying to doing, to wanting change and moving your thoughts to returning to being a non-smoker.          

Kick It!

Kick smoking

The other side of smoking is of course weight gain.

We’ve got that covered….

During the sessions I will ensure you will return to a non smoker so there will be no need to replace a smoking habit with any other habit.  I can give you the options of adding the desire to take more exercise, eat healthily,  take up a particular sport or anything you consider beneficial for you.

Break chains

Don't put it off, live your life free from the chains of smoking addiction.

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