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Depression & Anxiety

You may feel right now, that you are in the middle of a deep, dark sea, there is no land in sight and morning is a very long time away. The clouds have been gathering for a while and it looks like another storm is on the horizon.  The boat you are sailing is leaking and sinking lower into the water as each wave moves under you. There is nothing you can do, drowning is inevitable..


As you look around you wonder how you got here.  You feel your heart beats faster and harder, you can hear the blood pumping in your ears,  you feel nauseous, you hands begin to tremble, as your chest tightens and it becomes hard to breathe.  You begin to sweat despite feeling so cold that your teeth are chattering. You feel unable to move as the sense of panic engulfs you, at the same time you are overwhelmed by the desire to run away.

Working with a range of therapies it is possible to come out the other side feeling strong, confident and best of all believing in your own self-worth.

There is no one size fits all solution here, but with patience and practice there is resolution, reconstruction and as the dark clouds part and the sky becomes clear, a new view of the world.


Now is the time to let go!


I would like to stress here that if you are having hypnotherapy for depression, anxiety, PTSD, emotional trauma, or anything along those lines, you will experience a rise in negative thoughts and feelings between sessions, but it is vitally important that you DO attend your next session in order to deal with those thoughts and feelings.  It may also be possible to move your next session to an earlier time to help you.

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