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Fear is an innate and rational reaction involving both mind and body with the purpose of warning us of imminent danger and preparing us to take appropriate action.  It is a basic survival mechanism that we have even as babies.

When faced with danger, our sympathetic nervous system produces adrenaline. This excess adrenaline prepares us to fight or to flee the physical threat. 


The fight-or-flight response includes an increase in heart rate and blood flow to our large  muscles, blood sugar increases giving us more energy. Both our bodies and minds are alert and ready to respond quickly to protect ourselves.

Fear fight or flight

Overcoming Fear

There are many things in life that evoke a sense of fear, getting on an aeroplane, driving a car, standing up and giving a speech, asking for a raise and many, many more.  All of them based in a self preservation mind-set.

Some people have the inner power to "feel the fear and do it anyway" and that is fantastic, because a fear overcome and mastered becomes toothless and can't bite you as hard again.  But, what about if you just can't do that, if every year going on holiday is torture, months of worrying about getting on the plane, the airport, the flight.  What about coming back?

How good would it be going on that holiday feeling the excitement and anticipation without fear, enjoying flight feeling comfortable and relaxed? 

Flying calm and relaxed


A phobia is an intense, unreasonable fear where the fear is far out of proportion to the actual danger. The fear and distress is so intense that the person will do whatever they can to avoid source of their fear, and often spend a lot time thinking about whether they're likely to encounter it in any given situation.


People with a phobia, generally realise that the fear is irrational, yet  still can’t control it.


Exposure to the subject of the phobia causes overwhelm with extreme feelings of anxiety, fear, and  panic. Which in turn can cause the onset of panic attacks, physical manifestations of anxiety such as nausea, vomiting, breathlessness to name a few, as well as extreme actions of avoidance.

Phobia spiders

Overcoming Phobia

Overcoming a phobia is almost impossible without help, the intense emotional reaction is hard to deal with. The irrational nature of the phobia causes the sufferer to feel anxiety not only about their phobia, but also the perceptions of others about them and their phobia.

Anxiety has the most amazing ability to take over mind and body and to attach itself to so many aspects of our lives, it is almost like a parasite burrowing into our minds and creating a home from where it breeds small anxieties that soon grow and set up their own feeding grounds. 

How good would it be to be free from the sheer hell of worrying about spiders, snakes or other animals, being able to cross bridges or walk on piers with comfort and confidence?

What if you were able to live your life free from phobias, free from fear and anxiety, free from the experience of panic attacks, would that make a difference?

Beauty of spider's web

Whatever you fear, hypnotherapy can take away those fears completely, leaving you to live your life feeling calm and confident about every thing you do.

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