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Children & Young People


Tell then they can, then let them fly

What am I doing wrong?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts as parents, our children turn into strangers.  We have absolutley no comprehension of what is happening inside their heads to make them behave the way they do.

Is what we do or say, the food they eat, their friends, are they being bullied, have they got a syndrome or just bad, will they grow up bad?Why do they want to make life so miserable?

But even if you ask why, they can't tell you because they don't understand why themselves.

Hypnotherapy-for-children - Copy.jpg

"Pretend you are a super-hero..."

Children respond amazingly well to hpnotherapy.  It can help with things that are often symptoms of an underlying problem that the child does not understand themselves, such as bed wetting; night terrors; temper tantrums or chewing clothing.

It can be used with deeper issues such as outbursts of violence; eating problems; separation anxiety and issues with bullying.

Early intervention with a problem can change a child's life and prevent them spending a lifetime of dealing with their anger; frustration; fear; depression; jealousy or any of a myriad of issues we carry around as adults.

One of the best things about being a kid is they live their lives naturally drifting in and out of hypnosis, so they respond well to hypnotic suggestions and redirection.

Young People

happy teens

Young people should be having the time of their lives, but far too many teenagers perceive their lives as stressful, unhappy and lonely, with pressure to conform on so many levels.


There is huge pressure on young people around exams, it is almost hanging in the air they breathe, everywhere people are talking about exams, at school, at home, on social media, on TV, there is no escape.

The build up of anxiety can create so many problems, panic attacks, crying, anger, exhaustion.  

Many young people experience a sense of isolation, feeling that they don't fit in. They are not like everyone else. Nowadays this is often heightened by the effects of social media.

It is a difficult period in life, discovering who you are and how you feel about that. Whether it is confusion about sexuality, difficulty with communication, or just that sense of being a square peg in a round hole.

teen_anxiety - Copy.jpg
cyber bullying

Dealing with bullies is difficult enough, but add in cyber bullies to the mix and it can become unbearable.

Kids often keep this to themselves as the insidious undermining of their confidence and self belief leaves them feeling unable to admit to the problem.

Please don't let this be your child.

Lack of confidence, feeling stressed or isolated, feeling inadequate or unworthy are all things that can be changed. 


Hypnotherapy can help young people to find their inner strength, confidence and self esteem to stand tall and believe in their ability to deal with whatever life throws at them.

Being proactive and daring to be different as a parent, you can help your children to avoid going down the route of mental health issues, self-harm, eating disorders, addiction or just growing up with the belief that they are unworthy or unattractive.

Giving a child the strength and self belief to go through life knowing they are wonderful, bright, funny, and above all desreving of love and respect empowers them to feel good about themselves, accept their faults and flaws and love themselves anyway.

Magic carpet-flying above clouds

Let's help them become confident and strong adults!

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